Posted on May 18, 2017 in Photo

Random story time! I was out shooting a soccer set with my guy Rudy in Sherman Oaks, CA. One of the images from that session made its way onto the Off The Pitch IG feed. Soon after, I got a direct message from Shawna. Turns out she was having a private training session at the same time and place as I was having my shoot with Rudy. And she saw us…a photog shooting some buff dude without a shirt on the soccer fields. Let’s just say she was definitely curious about it. And when she saw the image of said buff dude on her IG feed, she just had to reach out!

Turns out Shawna Gordon is an ex-pro and a member of the Kicks To The Pitch team. We decided to link up for a shoot at those very same fields using the Nike Women’s Hypervenom Phantom III’s. Check out my favorite images from the set below. And make sure to follow my homie Shawna on Instagram!